6 Intimate Sex Positions You Should Try For Valentine’s Day

Intimate Sex Positions You Should Try For Valentine’s Day | Image: Yahoo News

Today, it is raining flowers, chocolates, love notes, romantic dinners, gifts and all sorts of gestures through which lovers portray their affection towards each other on Valentine’s day.

However, away from the cheesy romantic gestures, sex is one of the most intimate expressions of love. The beautiful thing about sex is that, when done well, it heightens the intimacy between you and your lover.

Here are six sex positions you and your partner should try on Valentine’s day:


This is a rear-entry position in which both partners lay on their sides, front to back. The receiving partner lays with their back to the penetrating partner. The best thing about spooning is you can both watch your favourite film while at it.


Cowgirl | Image: Ann Summers/The Sun

Cowgirl is a sex position in which the woman straddles her partner as if she’s riding a horse. It a position that gives the woman a lot of control; she sets the speed and tempo and the man just helps her by moving his hips to penetrate deeper.

Lotus Blossom:

This position requires the male partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus position, cross-legged or with legs extended, as shown here. After the male partner gets into position, the female partner then straddles her partner’s lap and wraps her legs around his waist as he enters her, wrapping her arms around his torso for support.


Missionary | Image: Ann Summers/The Sun

The good old missionary is probably the most common sex position. The missionary position is also the most intimate sex position as it maximises skin and eye contact. In this position, the woman lies on her back and the man is positioned on her, opening her thighs with his on the side. The female partner embraces his buttocks with her legs and her hands have free access to the man’s back.

For this position, the man stands with his back to the edge of the bed and throws one leg on its corner, kneeling against the bed top. The woman stands in front of her lover with her back to him. She puts her leg bent at the knee on the bed. The male partner takes the other leg by the ankle and raises her foot up to her hips. With the hand, the man supports the passion by the waist. She pulls her arms up and wraps them around the man’s neck, arching towards his body.


Anvil | Image: The Sun Uk

The anvil is a dominating and deep-thrusting position. For this position, the woman lies on her back and pulls her legs to her breast, holding hips by the hands. The man lies on top of her using his arms as support and placing them by her shoulder.
The male partner’s legs are slightly bent and moved apart as if he is on his knees. The woman puts her legs on the man’s neck and wraps them over the male partner’s neck.