GameSnacks to deliver more casual, faster games to more consumers


The gaming world has significantly changed over the past three decades. Console and PC gaming are still around but mobile gaming is fast becoming the standard. That is why phone makers keep on improving their products by adding upgrades and making sure platform versions are up-to-date. That’s good for those who can afford premium gaming phones and the data connection required but not everyone has access to such. Many people still use low memory phones and connect to 2G or 3G especially in developing countries but Google wants to change the situation.

Last year, Google introduced Area 120. It’s an experimental facility that comes up with new apps and programs that will help many devs. It already helped in teaching basic coding. It also launched a new hyperlocal social networking app back in July.

The latest from Area 120 is GameSnacks. This one is expected to help solve the issue of low-end devices for gaming. The idea is that those HTML5 games will be more accessible for most phones on any network anywhere in the globe.

The major goal is to make GameSnacks games fast, available, and easy to play. Gamers in Indonesia can access GameSnacks games though Gojek soon.

GameSnacks games are usually simple. They can be accessed on web-capable devices. They also support mouse, keyboard, and touch controls. They’re not only for Android devices but also for iOS and desktop.

With GameSnacks, games will load faster–just within a few seconds. Even those on slow Internet connections (slower than 1Mbps). Area 120 devs are always working with other developers to deliver fast performance. Reducing the size of an HTML page usually helps, alongside compressing different assets from sounds to images and scripts.

GameSnacks are working with Gojek to bring more games to the Gojek ecosystem. This can be done through GoGames. If you are a developer with HTML5 games, feel free to submit them to Google’s Area 120 team.