Dundalk nominated for 'Ireland's Best Kept' competition - Talk of the Town


Dundalk Tidy Towns have announced that Dundalk has been nominated for the ‘Ireland’s Best Kept’ competition.

The competition takes place across Ireland, with towns and villages from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland taking part.

A total of 14 towns and villages have been selected to take part in the competition.

A statement from the Tidy Towns group said: “We are delighted that Dundalk has been chosen as it reflects the success we have enjoyed in the National Tidy Towns competition in recent years. In 2019 we again managed to increase our overall score and win a gold medal for the 12th consecutive year. Of course we hope to continue this trend in 2020.

“The Best Kept Competition is an extra challenge this year, to which we are sure the people of Dundalk will rise.

“Judging for the competition will take place in May. Marks are awarded for tidiness, green spaces as well as residential areas and commercial premises among others.

“Dundalk Tidy Towns would like to invite all businesses, companies, schools and community organisations to consider trying an ‘adopt a patch’ initiative by choosing an area of the town to look after, perhaps by organising a litter pick or tidying weeds or green areas around their premises.

“We are inviting the people of Dundalk to get behind this competition and help us present Dundalk in a positive light on a national stage. We will be holding cleaning events and litter picks beginning after St Patrick’s Day to prepare for the competition.

“Residents in Dundalk and surrounding areas can get involved by contacting our Dundalk Tidy Towns Facebook Page or

“This is an exciting time for Dundalk and we encourage all individuals, families, businesses and community organisations to play their part in helping get our town ready for the competition.”