Storm Denniss is getting ready for the weekend when he's namesake hits (Image: Storm Denniss / SWNS)

Man named Storm Denniss trolled by angry Brits dreading weekend weather chaos


A Brit called Storm Denniss says he is being trolled by people online angry about the weather due to hit the country this weekend.

The Met Office has predicted 1,200-mile wide Storm Dennis will bring a month of rainfall in just 24 hours when it arrives in the UK tomorrow.

But ever since the gale was named on Tuesday, Storm Denniss has been hounded by trolls on Facebook.

People he has never met before have hit him with more than 50 messages pleading him not to wreak havoc.

One said: "Alright mate, not being funny but if your [sic] planning on blowing s**t around my town this week you better think twice! "FFS Dennis think about it."
Storm Denniss has been sent more than 50 messages (Image: Storm Denniss / SWNS)

Another said: "Hey storm dennis don't be showing your face at the weekend I don't want to be blown over and be rolling down hill like sonic the hedgehog."

One bloke wrote: "Don't be selfish to others go anger management before the weekend I'm begging you."

Thankfully Storm, 24, a furniture maker from Whitby, Yorkshire, is taking it all in jest and believes people are just having a laugh.

He said: "I found it hilarious when the storm was named after me and my family started making jokes about it.

"The next day I started getting random messages from people I've never even heard of.
One of the messages (Image: Storm Denniss / SWNS)

"They went into my spam folder on Facebook.

"People are definitely messaging me in a light-hearted way and I will get more because the storm has not even started yet.

"I've had loads of messages from people calling me names. I just sit there scrolling through it and find it hilarious.

"I know people aren't being serious and are just having a laugh.
He has taken the messages in jest (Image: Storm Denniss / SWNS)

"It's cool to have a storm named after me to be honest. I have joked that I want it to be a storm to remember now it has my name to it.

"I will keep my eye on how the storm progresses and I won't be able to escape these messages until it's over.
"I imagine if it does cause damage then it'll only get worse too.

"I am concerned about how much damage it will cause and I do hope it won't be too bad."

Storm, who has a partner, Shelby Mcormack, 23, said he first became aware he shares a name with the weather movement when a friend tagged him in a Facebook post.

Other messages he has received have included one which said: "Heard your [sic] sending a storm this weekend don't bother we don't want it w***er."

Another bloke added: "I swear if you wreak my garden like Ciara I'm gonna f***ng flip!!!"

One wrote: "Please don't f**k my fence this weekend! Only just been repaired."

Another wrote: "Hi can you do me a favour and try avoiding west Yorkshire this week we have already had a battering with the weather this past week. Thanks."