The ESA confirms 10 publishers attending E3 2020


E3 organiser the ESA has confirmed some of the publishers not missing the show this year.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) revealed this week ten of the publishers who plan to attend E3 2020, alongside a few other details about this year’s version of the show.

Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, Take-Two, Bandai Namco America, and Warner Bros. will all be there.

As indicated in recent leaks, this year’s show will be different – or as the ESA calls it: “reimagined”.

The ESA is planning stage experiences and “experiential zones” for attendees, as well as “extended” live coverage for those at home. Although E3 Coliseum producer Geoff Keighley won’t be returning this year, the ESA said it will nonetheless host a stage experience that sounds very similar to Coliseum, which will also be livestreamed.

E3 2020’s first day, June 9, will be limited to industry professionals and those with the $995 Premium Badge. The two following days will be open to all other badge holders.

Despite 2020 being a console launch year, E3’s future could not be in greater peril. A number of big companies won’t be attending this year’s show. Sony is skipping it for the second year running. EA has been absent for years, opting instead to hold its own E3-adjacent event, though the company has yet to announce a 2020 version of that event.

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Activision’s name doesn’t appear on the list, which likely means the publisher also won’t be returning this year.

A major data leak last year exposed personal, identifiable details of thousands of media professionals and journalists, and another leak this week revealed the list of attending publishers ahead of time. Both have further contributed to a negative sentiment towards the show, as its future is into question.

To say nothing of E3’s organically waning popularity in past years as more and more publishers get comfortable with the idea of hosting their own events, and speaking directly to consumers.

E3 2020 takes place June 9-11 at the LA Convention Center.