Defending the Undefendable: The unending list of Zanu Pf apologists


When the Zanu PF Youth league members held a press conference to name and shame people linked to Zimbabwe's economic woes some applauded the move.

These were youth leadership members who belonged to the Politburo.They were privy to the ongoings in Zanu Pf, their revelations could not be brushed aside no matter what amount of damage control the so-called political analysts sympathetic to Zanu Pf could brew.
A few days after the presser they were suspended, action was swift, the suspension was more to do with fear of more shenanigans being laid bare.

While some applauded the bold move by the Youth apologists on other side upped their boot licking skills.

Dr Simba Mavaza takes lead of all the the regime's apologists.Acres of space have been devoted as he attacks the "kids" as he tries to belittle them.There is an adage that says," don't shoot the messenger", I would advise Dr Mavaza to take his memory down memory lane.

From the 80s Zanu Pf has protected the corrupt, this is a fact.

What comes to mind is GMB scandal, Willogate scandal, VIP housing scheme scandal and to the grand of them all, US$15 billion diamond loot as said by none other than the late dictator ,Robert Mugabe. Dr Mavaza just give us one notable conviction from all these scandals ,don't bother mentioning the courts!

What Zanu Pf has done is reward the corrupt by posting them to new ministries or even diplomatic posting. One fat minister was alleged to have solicited for US$10 million dollars during his time as minister of mines. They only moved him to a new ministry. It is a common trend from the regime.

Each time an individual says something inconsistent with Zanu Pf policy of "see no evil and hear no evil" they are labelled counter revolutionary. What is revolutionary about a party that removed colonial power so they would loot the state resources while abusing power?

Zanu-PF's biggest problem is listening to their own lies ,paying attention to their praise singers and being denialists .

They blame sanctions but can't admit that their corrupt tendencies have harmed Zimbabwe than imaginary sanctions .Sanctions is just a scapegoat for failed policies.

An apologist will devot acres of space to defend the undefendable Zanu Pf. My little child will tell you Zanu Pf destroyed Zimbabwe. They destroyed roads, healthy services, education ,industries, agriculture and Dr Mavaza wants us to believe his fiction .He needs his head examined .

When the apologist says ,"Suprisingly the enemies of Zanu Pf started to peddle the narrative that Zanu Pf is defending the corrupt ". Dr Mavaza your party's catalogue of corruption was laid bare long ago. When Dr Thomas Mapfumo sang "Corruption" in the 80s he was referring to your party.

My only question to an apologist like you and fellow boot lickers, "Do you have feelings for suffering Zimbabweans at the mercy of your revolutionary party and do you believe the fiction you write "?