Valentine’s Day celebrations are on and, most fun spots are filled to the brim with people and tonnes of activities.

Couples are usually spoilt for choice with regards to where to visit on Valentine’s Day.

If you make the wrong choice, you might end up having a bad Valentine’s Day experience.

Since you won’t get another chance at Valentine this year, here’s a list of fun spots chosen from three of the biggest cities in Nigeria.

Google Maps recently revealed its users’ top five most rated bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions in Lagos and ‘Foodies Lagos’ made the cut.

Patrons love the variety of food and the decor, rating Foodies as good for everything from casual dining with kids to taking a new lady out on a date. The service is also highly-rated, with reviewers commenting on the professionalism of the Foodies team.

Circa Lagos

Not just popular for its food, Circa Lagos is also highly-rated as one of the bars to be at. It serves great food, and features a classic, elegant decor that invites the patron to stay a while.

Frozen Rolls Ice-cream

What is life without ice cream? Frozen Rolls ice cream is open 10 a.m to 9 p.m to cater for those moments when you just have to have ice cream in your life. Reviewers love the unique tastes and flavours and great decor and service. There is no better way to end a date than with a cup of frozen goodness.

Freedom Park, Lagos Island

A leisure and memorial park, Freedom Park was formerly a prison and now hosts live events from music festivals to stage performances. There’s always something happening at Freedom Park and the Exhibition Centre is well worth exploring if none of the bands on offer take your fancy.


BluCabana Restaurant and Café

BluCabana Restaurant and Café is highly rated for its ambience and rich menu list. Located at Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Blucabana is one great place to be with your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

The outdoor setting has beautiful scenery, especially in the evening when you can watch the sunset as you dine. If you plan to propose to your boo on Valentine’s Day, this Abuja restaurant might be the right place for you.

Millennium Park

Throwing a picnic is another romantic thing you can do for Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a creative yet less dramatic setting to have a getaway and quiet time with your boo without breaking the bank, a picnic is it. Armed with a blanket, some flowers, throw pillows, a basket of food and some drinks, Millennium Park in Abuja is just the right place to set your gears. With a beautiful expanse of greenery, trees, a fountain, and a river, the park is great for relaxation and a quiet walk.

Sky Bar rooftop lounge

A rooftop view, nice food, privacy, fresh air, comfort, these and more you will find at Sky Bar rooftop lounge. Located in the heart of Asokoro in Abuja, the rooftop lounge offers a great view of the landscape. There is also an option of drawing curtains to conceal you from other diners, even though it’s not usually crowded.

Nouveau, Abuja

Best rated for their steak, Nouveau restaurant and bar is a nice and cozy place for a romantic dinner. The highlight of this place is the drinks and the nightlife, there are options of indoor dining, outdoor and rooftop.

Port Harcourt

The Red Coral

Speaking of romantic settings, you cannot rule out Red Coral in Port-Harcourt. The setting, classic music and red lighting effects especially at night give the most breathtaking romantic aura.

Cubana Lounge

If you like loud music and want to really have fun while you dine, Cubana is just the right place for you. With private areas as well as an open arena, this place will definitely get you in the party mood. Recommended for their famous fish barbecue, goat meat and chilled drinks, Cubana Lounge, is just right for you. But, that is if you’re not into the quiet romantic setting.

Jevenik Restaurant

One of the leading restaurants and fast food joints in Port Harcourt, Jevenik specialises in local cuisines.

They are also rated for using fresh ingredients and the large portions of food they serve. Jevenik is located right opposite Genesis Cinema, which makes for easy access to movies before or after a great meal.

Pleasure Park

If you are the energetic and active type that likes to run around and get your hands dirty, Pleasure Park might just be pleasurable for you. The park has a lot of fun attractions like a climbing tower, an artificial lake with boats, fitness machines, football pitches, a mini-golf course, restaurants, and mobile gyms. It is a fun place to visit with a partner if you find sitting down and being formal too boring.