Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon Gets Behind Anti-bullying Message


Not everyone is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day in their workplace.

The workplace bullying statistics are alarming and worrying. The effects are deep and traumatic for the victim.

Allan Halse, the director of Culturesafe, an anti-workplace bullying advocacy company, says one-in-four workers experience bullying.

Why is this? And what can you do?

Find out more about what workplace bullying looks like, why it happens and to whom, this Saturday 15 February 2010 from 3pm at the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral.

A q&a session will follow the speakers.


Race relations commissioner Meng Foon

Meng Foon is a former mayor of Gisborne (2001 to 2019). He has been the race relations commissioner since August 2019

Jane Barnes - won a workplace bullying case

Jane Barners describes her time as a teacher at a kindergarten as an “abusive relationship”. She took her case to the employment relations authority and won.

Vicki Turner - counsellor

Vicki Turner specializes in trauma, anxiety and PTSD, caused by bullying.

Allan Halse - director, Culturesafe

Allan Halse is one of NZ leading campaigners against workplace bullying. Culturesafe is an employment consultancy that provides education, facilitation and advocacy.

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