Owner found man passed out on couch with knife kept beside him | Pixabay photo for representation

Man comes to rob posh Mumbai flat, drinks 2 bottles of champagne instead

A 19-year-old man broke into a businessman's flat in South Mumbai but before robbing the flat he passed out on two bottles of champagne kept in the fridge there.

A man broke into a posh flat in South Mumbai and before he could lay his hands on anything to steal, he went first for some champagne.

When the man started drinking, he finished two bottles of champagne and passed out, failing to rob anything from the house, according to a Mumbai Mirror report.

The 19-year-old man broke into the flat belonging to a businessman in Marine Drive area, the report said. Since the businessman had shifted recently to the house, not many household things were there in the flat.

He was still living in another flat on the same floor.

When one of the four domestic help early in the morning came across light switched on in the flat, he tried to open the door but it was locked from the inside.

The domestic help called for the businessman and they both broke the door to enter the flat. They saw the man sloshed, passed out on the couch with a knife kept beside him, the report said.

They quickly learnt the man passed out because of the champagne and called the police soon.

The man was charged under relevant Sections of the IPC and was remanded to a police custody, the report added.