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Here’s why being single on Valentine’s day rocks


It's no biggie

Single on Valentine’s day? No worries. Actually, it’s actually great to be single on this very day. I mean, even if you might feel a little bit left out when everyone is speaking and celebrating their love life, we shouldn’t always look on the darker side, right?

Wondering what’s too good about being single on such an important day for lovers? Check out these great things about being single on Valentine’s and stop worrying about the 24 hours that will end before you even notice it:

1. You don’t get to spend a dime

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There’s no worrying about gifts, taking her out for dinner or even buying an outfit for Valentine’s day. Seriously, if you are having financial problems, the last thing you will want is a lover who insists on being gifted when you are wallowing in debts and can hardly pay your bills.

2. No pressure at all

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When others are worried sick of where to go out on Valentine’s day and which gifts to buy, the only thing you will be concerned about is catching up with the latest series.

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3. No disappointment

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You can only be disappointed if you are in your relationship and your partner fails to meet your expectations. But now that you are single, you don’t care or worry about being forgotten by your lover. You have yourself to love and care about. What beats self-love? Nothing!

4. You can wear whatever you want

Want to be in your pyjamas all day long? No problem. Whatever outfit you choose to wear is your business. After all, you have no one to impress.

5. This is the day to treat yourself

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This is the chance to go for a massage, get yourself chocolates pizza and you don’t have to share them with anyone. Like you can do anything that makes you happy without worrying about another person.

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6. Go out with your boys/girls

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Been long since you had a good time with your girlfriends? This is the best time to go for that girl’s trip you have been planning for years. It will be great because you won’t have anyone bothering you and asking your whereabouts.