Nadia Essex's KINKY Valentine's Day suggestion

Nadia Essex makes Sky News presenter squirm with kinky Valentine's Day suggestion

The former Celebs Go Dating star hit back at the suggestion Valentine's Day is a 'rip off' by telling Isabel Webster to do something saucy for her husband


Nadia Essex made a Sky News presenter squirm today with her kinky Valentine's Day suggestion.

The former Celebs Go Dating star, who is 37 weeks pregnant, was giving her advice to couples to show their love on the special day.

But Sky News host Isabel Webster argued it was a huge commercial opportunity that was "guilt-tripping" people into spending money.

She asked: "Do you really feel it boost relationships? I’m going to go for dinner with my husband this evening. I’m pretty sure we’ll feel the same tomorrow as we do today."

But Nadia hit back by telling Isabel to turn things up a notch for her husband to get Valentine's Day going.
Nadia Essex gave some important Valentine's Day advice(Image: Sky News)
Isabel Webster was left squirming(Image: Sky News)

The dating expert said: "Well don’t then. You have to go and make it romantic. Phones off, no kiddy talk, no chores.

Co-host Samantha Washington jokingly added: "That's impossible for her."

Nadia continued: "Put on some wonderful lingerie. It's your responsibility to make it not just another dinner because we feel we have to. It's your responsibility to make it 'tonight is the night'."
Nadia told her to get some sexy lingerie on(Image: Sky News)

Nadia revealed she was going for afternoon tea with her girlfriends this year but had previously planned some big surprises.

Admitting she loves Valentine's Day, Nadia said: "I love 'love' and it's the best day of the year you can tell someone you love them and it be OK and show appreciation and gratitude for your partner.

"It's amazing. I don't understand this misery 'it's another commercial day'. It's to celebrate love.

"It's good to have a day that's about us. Every other day is about you or something else. Here's to another 12 months of relationship. There's plenty of people who would love to be in that position so celebrate."
Nadia defended Valentine's Day(Image: Sky News)

When asked if it was all just a rip off, Nadia said she had no problems with companies making money.

She added: "It's not guilt-tripping. You see an opportunity to make money, I understand. If you get sucked into it, great.

"Don't have a go at businesses trying to make money off the back of any excuse."