Rogers offering 20GB unlimited plan for $85

This deal is available until February 17th.


Not to be left out, Rogers started offering a 20GB Infinite plan for the reasonable price of $85 CAD per pay period.

This is the second time Rogers has offered this plan, with the first instance being on February 6th. Since then, both Telus and Bell have offered similar plans.

The plan is fairly straight forward. You get a base data cap of 20GB that you can use at full 4G LTE speeds. After you use your 20GB pool, you can still access the internet, just with browsing speeds reduced to 512KBps.

Rogers’ other unlimited plans offer 10GB of base data for $75 per month and 50GB for $125 per pay period.

All of these plans include:

You can subscribe to this plan on Rogers’ website. The carrier is offering it to customers looking to buy a new phone and ‘Bring your own device’ subscribers.

Source: Rogers