'Drunk' woman slams her BMW into a boulder at 100mph at 2am, flies through the air and then gets out acting like 'nothing happened'


This is the moment a BMW was launched through the air after a 'drunk' woman smashed into a roundabout in Long Beach and then 'got out like nothing happened.'

Marisela Ovalle, 27, ripped across 4th Street and Daisy Avenue at 2am Thursday, smashing her 4 Series coupe into a boulder and sending the car flying down the road. 

The huge rock was also sent bounding down the residential street in the collision and crushed the rear bumper of a parked Chevrolet Camaro as well as damaging other cars. 

Fortunately nobody was injured in the horrific crash and witnesses described how Ovalle emerged from the wreckage, sat down on the road 'and she was fine.'  

The BMW 4 Series was said to be approaching the traffic circle at at least 100mph by witnesses
The car landed well beyond the crosswalk at the other end of the traffic circle
Fortunately nobody was injured in the horrific crash and witnesses described how Ovalle (pictured) emerged from the wreckage, sat down on the road 'and she was fine'

It was a big explosion.' Angel Ruiz, a local resident, told NBC: 'I ran immediately to see if the person was OK. I saw the damage right after. Man, it's really bad. It was mostly the impact from the boulder.'

Locals said the woman did not seem hurt when she emerged from the wrecked car  but seemed extremely confused, asking: 'What happened?'

Witness Stephen Ruble told ABC: 'I saw a lady going about 100 mph...and she (went) airborne, and she hit the rock.'

Tish Herrera told the broadcaster: 'It was like a massive explosion, and all of the sudden everybody's up and you can see that the boulder's in the middle of the street and the whole neighborhood is out and the young woman that hit this white car she just got out of the car like nothing happened.' 

A terrific banging sound like an explosion reverberated down the street when the coupe smashed into the boulder
The front bumper of the BMW 4 Series is totally mangled as a tow truck prepares to load it in the early hours of the Thursday
The devastated rear end of the Chevrolet Camero after the BMW sent a boulder flying off the traffic circle
The BMW is seen flying through the air in a cloud of dust after smashing into the traffic circle at high speed

Herrera added: 'You could tell that there was something off 'cause she just sat down and she was fine ... I knew she was gonna be drunk.'

Ovalle was detained on suspicion of driving under the influence and held on $30,000 bail. 

A police investigation remains ongoing.