Windows 10 KB4524244 Update Causes Freezes, Installation Issues


Reports coming from users who have tried to install the Windows 10 KB4524244 security update say that HP and Apple computers are experiencing system freezes and errors during installation, as well as HP Sure Start Recovery Secure Boot keys errors that prevent booting.

KB4524244 "addresses an issue in which a third-party Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot manager might expose UEFI-enabled computers to a security vulnerability" and it is available for all Windows versions between Version 1607 and Version 1909.

For users who manage to get the update to install, the systems would get stuck on the BIOS screen and become unresponsive. Other users have also reported not being to install the update at all, automatically or manually, and getting 0x800f0922 errors.

Apple computers running Windows 10 also experience issues installing the update, as they are throwing the same 0x800f0922 errors according to multiple user reports.
Image: Mikael Sillman

One user who successfully got KB4524244 to install via Windows Update says that, after rebooting, his HP computer "froze hard on the second re-boot with Step 2 information and a frozen spinner on my screen, no keyboard or any access."

"After about 15 mins I finally forced the system down. On the reboot, my Secure Boot flagged me that the keys were corrupted. I was able to get those repaired and reboot into the system. I rebooted a couple more times but no updates attempted to install.

"On a third "Check for updates, the same (KB4524244) update attempted to download but freezes the system at 94% on the download. Again freezes hard requiring a hard re-set. I tried flushing the Software Distribution cache but get the same results."

Intel-based computers also experiencing problems

While the vast majority of reports (1, 2, 3) say that these issues impact devices with AMD processors with Sure Start Secure Boot Key Protection enabled, there are reports that also confirm issues on machines with Intel processors.

"I am having the same problem with an HP Desktop, but running Intel Core i5 7400, not AMD. I have secure boot turned off, and the installation runs up to 99% and fails. No locking up, though," one user says.

In at least one case, Microsoft Support has recommended users to download the KB4524244 update manually for their specific Windows 10 version from the Microsoft Update Catalog and attempt to install it manually.

However, as previously mentioned, this won't help, as manually installing the update will lead to the 0x800f0922 error showing up instead. The user was eventually advised by Microsoft Support to reach out to the Windows Technical Team.

Workarounds until Microsoft resolves the issue

A workaround specifically targeting HP users experiencing booting problems is to completely switch off the HP Sure Start Secure Boot key protection in their device's BIOS settings, to uninstall KB4524244, and then to re-enable Secure Boot.

A more general workaround that would allow all users to avoid the KB4524244 issues is to hide the problematic update and prevent it from trying to reinstall on their computers automatically.

This can be done by downloading this troubleshooter which will allow you to hide the KB4524244 update that causes errors and systems freezes.

Once you launch the troubleshooter utility, click on the Next button at the bottom of the window, then on "Hide updates," and choose KB4524244 from the list that shows up.

If you will later want to install KB4524244 after Microsoft fixes the issues, you can re-enable it using the same troubleshooter utility and, instead, choose the "Show hidden updates" option to have Windows try to install it automatically.

H/T Günter Born