Couple who've been married for 69 years share their tips for keeping the spark


Geoffrey, 89, and Pauline Walker, 86, have been married for 69 years, so when they share their wisdom on love, we listen.

You might recognise this couple – This Morning‘s Holly and Phil gave them £1,000 after Pauline’s purse was stolen.

Now they’ve shared their tips for keeping the spark alive. Considering they tied the knot back in 1951, they know what they’re on about.

Pauline and Geoffrey say they’re still madly in love after being together for decades.

The great grandparents-of-ten understand the pressures of being a parent and paying bills which can lead to an argument but Pauline urges couples to ‘never go to bed on an argument.’

And Geoffrey, who was a plumber, vows by five magic words to keep his wife happy: ‘sorry, it is my fault’.
The couple wed back in 1951 (Picture: @geoffreywalk)

Their different interests ensure they always have something to talk about whilst sitting together at mealtimes.

Pauline, who was an arts and crafts teacher, has been ill for the past few years and underwent over 21 operations – Geoffrey describes the day he ‘fetches’ her from the hospital as one of his ‘best memories’.

Pauline said: ‘Geoffrey is always there by my side, he knows every hospital restaurant across the nation and even in Tenerife as I once spent some time there.

They sent us a hefty bill on our return and he said “don’t worry about paying it, I will visit you from jail” – he always makes me laugh.

‘It is important to always have a sense of humour, life is too short to fall out.’

When they first got wed, Geoffrey went abroad with the army for two years and Pauline recalls the day she heard the gate rattling on his return like it was just yesterday.

She adds: ‘I was ironing his trousers when I heard the gate rattle and seen Geoffrey from the window, I ran like lighting to shouting “it’s Jeff, it’s Jeff!”
Years later they’re still madly in love (Picture: Caters News Agency)

‘That was the happiest day of my life.’

They have created ‘thousands of happy memories’ from trips to Barbados and Canada which were once documented in a large album for Valentine’s day as a gift from Geoffrey to Pauline.

Alongside having adventures together, they credit their enduring love to not taking things too seriously – and Geoffrey making Pauline tea and breakfast every day.

Geoffrey says: I always wake up an hour earlier than her so I read the bible before bringing her a tea and breakfast to bed.

‘It is the little things that count and we always have a kiss and a cuddle every day.’