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Trump Gets Bashed Online After Claiming Pelosi Had 'Venom & Hatred Coming Out of Her Ears'

The US president also reportedly labelled Pelosi a “person that started an impeachment and lost“, adding that she “goes down as a loser, which she is“.

Having emerged from his impeachment trial acquitted of all charges brought against him, US President Trump recently delivered some rather unflattering remarks about the behavior of his accusers.

During his recent interview with Geraldo Rivera, Trump argued that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her "impeachment for life" phrase "sadistically", according to Fox News.

"If you watch the way she said that, with the hatred and the venom coming out of her ears, you just take a look at that," he said, adding that his wife, who was present there, described Pelosi's statement as "horrible".

​The president also described Pelosi as a "person that started an impeachment and lost", adding that she "goes down as a loser, which she is".

Quite a few social media users, however, did not seem to share Trump's point of view, mocking the US president instead.

Some also bashed Trump for the way he referred to his wife.

​The impeachment process against Donald Trump was launched in September 2019, with House Democrats accusing him of blackmailing Ukraine with the withdrawal of military aid unless the Ukrainian president started a criminal probe into one of Trump's 2020 election rivals, Joe Biden.

However, even though Trump got impeached on charges of obstruction of justice and abuse of power, the Senate acquitted him on both counts.