The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Is Now Available For $1380

Samsung's second foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, is now available for purchase.

The Galaxy Z Flip is available from Samsung and Best Buy, Unlocked as well as through carriers like Sprint and AT&T. The device will cost you $1,380 though, as expected. Though the good thing is, that you can trade in your smartphone and get up to $440 off of its price. However, the Galaxy S20 series is netting a higher amount for trade-ins right now, up to $600 off.

Supply is very limited right now

As expected, supply of the Galaxy Z Flip is very limited right now. In fact, at the time of writing this, the unlocked model is already out of stock on Samsung's website, in both colors. So if you're looking to get a AT&T or Sprint model, you can still do that.


The biggest reason for this being out of stock already is the fact that Samsung didn't make a ton of Galaxy Z Flip smartphones, and the ones they did make, sold pretty quickly. As there are some big time Samsung fans that are going to buy this phone and have, the minute it went on sale at 12:01AM this morning.

This isn't a case of making a limited supply to make it go out of stock and hype the phone. But the fact that Samsung didn't want to sit on stock piles of the Galaxy Z Flip, since it knew it wouldn't be selling tens of millions like the Galaxy S20 line or even the Galaxy Note 10 line. So it saves them some cash.

If you buy today, it'll be in your hands next week

There was and is no pre-order time frame for the Galaxy Z Flip. So, if you purchase the device today, Samsung is saying you'll have it by February 18. Which happens to be next Tuesday. It's possible that you could have it earlier, though the only way that would happen is getting it by Monday, February 17. But that is still a pretty quick turnaround.


The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's first flip-phone foldable, seeing as the Galaxy Fold actually fliped vertically instead of horizontally.

Samsung also took everything it learned with the Galaxy Fold last year and applied it to the Galaxy Z Flip, so this is a really good foldable smartphone. And it even uses a thin layer of glass instead of plastic. Which provides a better user experience.

You can purchase the Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung today by clicking here.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - - $1380