Will $100M Dodger Stadium renovation be completed by Opening Day?


LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- New renderings of Dodger Stadium's $100 million renovation show just how close fans in the left and right field pavilions will get to the action.

A bar underneath the pavilions will feature a glass wall so that fans can see into the bullpen, and new home run seats will make it easier to catch a ball that leaves the park. But will it all be completed in time for Opening Day, just 41 days away?

"We're trying our best to have everything finished, but we know some things won't be. It won't be anything to impair the safety or security of the building," said Janet Marie Smith, the Senior Vice President of Planning and Development for the Dodgers. "But, then you always want to leave a little room for tweaks. You don't move into a new house and hang every picture the first day."

The outfield pavilions won't be ready for the exhibition games against the Angels on March 23 and 24, but will be open for Opening Day on March 26.

The organization says they'll roll out some food options during the first weeks of the season and two of the escalators won't be open until April.

In addition to the renovated and larger pavilions, there will be a new front door to the stadium for fans to hang out in before, during and after games.

A big focus of the renovation is to make it easier for fans to travel between the five levels of the stadium once they're inside.

That will be a pedestrian bridge for the pavilion section. Then, on the right and left field plazas, there will be escalators and elevators.

"The center field plaza, a new front door, like a place where every fan can feel like, I have walked in the front door. There's a Jackie Robinson sculpture. There will eventually be a Sandy Koufax sculpture there to greet you," Smith said. "I mean, what could say Dodgers better than that."