Music Notes: Don't let the blues get you down on Valentine's Day


It's a perfect date night: since Valentine's Day is on a Friday, you get to use a fun evening of music to springboard into the weekend.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all, whether you’re going to be spending it with that special someone or just taking it easy on your own. Or, maybe, take the day to go see a show?

It’s one of those “perfect storm” holidays this year, since Valentine’s Day is on a Friday — which means that you get to use a great date night to springboard into the weekend. Or don’t. In my opinion, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the day after, when all of the chocolate goes on sale for 50 to 75 per cent off. That might say more about me than anything else.

But, there are plenty of shows on this weekend if that’s your idea of a nice, romantic date. So hop to it (should have saved that line for Easter).

Saskatoon’s Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue

When: Friday, Feb. 14

Where: Somewhere Else Pub and Grill

What: There have been a few different iterations of this group over the years, but Saskatoon’s Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue is always high-energy fun. The group, currently spearheaded by band leader Gord MacAulay, is an eight-piece ensemble that plays a variety of tunes — from old-school Motown jazz to some newer R&B hits. The group has been playing in Saskatoon, albeit in some different configurations, for almost 15 years. It’s a testament to how good they are and the fun that they have that they’re still playing now. Also, it’s Valentine’s Day — the blues can definitely be romantic.

The Extroverts

When: Saturday, Feb. 15

Where: Amigos Cantina

What: Old school meets new school. The Extroverts first started playing together in the late 70s and early 80s before taking something of an extended hiatus — they didn’t re-form in earnest until 2009 with all of the original band members. And you get to hear the difference almost 30 years makes when you listen to the Regina-based punk-rock band’s music from the 2016 album to their re-released music from 1979. Their new music leans harder into the rock side of things, but never loses that old-school vibe — kind of like a higher-energy edition of the Sex Pistols in their sound. And there’s even more music coming out this year. These guys are a heck of a story and a heck of a band.

The Fretless

When: Saturday, Feb. 15

Where: The Bassment

What: This magnificent string quartet plays some of the best folk music you’re ever going to hear. But it’s not just about how good they are performing in the folk genre — it’s how good they are period. Don’t take my word for it, take the Juno Awards’ word for it — these guys won the Juno Award for Instrumental Album of the Year back in 2017. It’s this flawless, fast-paced rhythmic intensity that really makes The Fretless shine. And group member Karrnnel Sawitsky is a Saskatchewan music icon, so what’s not to love with this concert?