Premier League stars hiring private security for protection in Dubai amid fears


During the winter break, countless players from the Premier League have posted images of themselves, friends and loved ones on holiday in Dubai.

It’s the ideal warm weather conditions to either continue training or to just take a break, while a number of clubs have even held their own camps there.

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In turn, it’s a well-known hotspot, and with the money that these individuals are earning, it could also make them easy targets in a foreign country by those looking to help themselves to some of that wealth.

According to The Sun, that has led to a number of players splashing out on personal guards and private security during their trips to ensure that they don’t encounter those unwanted headaches.

With enough trouble in the UK as it is, with a number of stars seeing their homes targeted while they’re playing in games, the last thing that they need is to have their holidays or training camps ruined by these ‘thugs’ as they’ve been labelled in the report above.

In turn, it perhaps makes it a sensible idea for them to take the necessary precautions, and if it means spending more money on security than they otherwise would to keep themselves safe, then it surely has to be worth it.