Duroflex Orthopaedic Mattress Range; What makes it unique

Taking the mattress industry by storm, Duroflex Mattresses recently launched India’s only certified Orthopaedic Mattress range. It is tested and recommended by the National Health Academy.

This comes as a welcome change in a market that is flooded with mattresses that claim to be orthopaedic. Duroflex Mattresses is the only Indian brand that has collaborated with well-known and reputed orthopaedists to design a genuine Orthopaedic mattress that provides the most advanced back support system available in India today.

Why Certification Matters?

Speaking to us, Mathew Chandy, Managing Director, Duroflex said, “Today many different sellers and manufacturers claim that they offer the best Orthopaedic mattresses. Many of these claims are made without any sort of evidence backing them. This results in buyers being given products that do not actually help with their Orthopaedic issues. We want our customers who are looking for Orthopaedic mattresses to know that the Duropedic range has been rigorously tested, scientifically engineered and is a genuine Orthopaedic mattress that they can trust.”

He further adds, “Our range of Duropedic mattresses has been developed at our sleep lab in collaboration with experts from the National Health Academy (NHA) and has been under development and testing for over 8 months before being made available to the public. This is the most advanced Orthopaedic mattress available in the Indian market today. In addition to the many other technologically advanced features, the mattress has an exclusive 5-Zoned certified Orthopaedic Support System.”

The 5-Zoned Certified Orthopaedic Support System

The human body is anatomically divided into 5 different zones. Each of these zones require a different type of support based on the weight and pressure exerted by them. To ensure optimum care, mattresses have to provide a differentiated level of support for each of these zones. This is what will count as restorative back support. Duroflex’s 5-Zoned Certified Orthopaedic Support System is a specially engineered orthopaedic layer that provides differentiated support and pressure relief to all 5 zones of the body. 

Why do we need to invest in a certified orthopaedic mattress?


Thanks to drastic changes in our lifestyle today, backaches and spinal issues no longer remain an age-related health issue. Today, it is a mainstream lifestyle issue. This is mainly due to lack of exercise, faulty sitting and resting postures and day-to-day stress. Our backs have to regularly deal with a lot of stress and a good night’s rest is very important to ensure its sustainability over the long run. Duroflex’s Duropedic range of mattresses can help with everyday posture correction, restoration of spinal alignment and strengthening of your back.

The Duropedic range of Certified Orthopaedic Mattresses by Duroflex

The Duroflex Duropedic range starts at Rs.8,000 and has 7 variants to choose from based on your needs.

The major features include:

  1. 5-zoned certified orthopaedic support
  2. Recommended by experts at the National Health Academy

The 7 variants under the Duropedic range of mattresses are:

You can explore the range at any of the Duroflex retail outlets across India or visit to know more. You can also call/WhatsApp Duroflex at 9513000868 with your queries.

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