Some Pixel owners appear to have lost the ability to save Call Screen audio


Coming as part of the first official Pixel Feature Drop, Call Screening and its automated answering service has now steadily rolled out to all Pixels in the United States. However, with this rollout, it appears that some Pixel owners are now unable to save audio from the Call Screen.

The feature was made available in early December and lets you save the audio file and a text transcription from any screened calls so that you can review it later. According to the guys over at Android Police, the feature has disappeared from Pixel devices altogether.

To access the Call Screen logs, you would delve into the Settings app, find your way to Call Screen, and an option to “Save Call Screen Audio” would be available. According to AP, some are reporting that this option has simply gone missing, therefore they can’t save these audio files.

It’s unclear just how widespread this issue is. Call Screen and the audio recording is currently limited to those with Pixel devices in the United States, where robocalls are very commonplace. AP also notes that they have been able to confirm that the issue is directly affecting their own Pixel 4 units, so this could be far more widespread than just a handful of Pixel owners.

If you do have Call Screen activated on your Pixel, it may be worth checking to see if you can still save audio by heading to your Phone app > Settings > Spam and Call Screen > Call Screen and checking if the option is still available. Should you be affected, be sure to let us know what Pixel device you have, and which software version you are running in the comments section below.

We have also reached out to Google for clarification on this potential issue and will update should we receive a response.

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