Hero customer foils shoplifter with shopping trolley

Officers in Georgia chased the suspect into a car park of a Home Depot store where a bystander shoved the cart into him.

A suspected shoplifter in Georgia was caught after a quick-thinking customer helped take him down – using a shopping trolley.

Officers from the Peachtree City Police Department chased the suspect into a Walmart car park where a bystander shoved the cart into him, causing him to fall to the floor.

The unidentified man was thanked by police for the “impeccable timing” of his actions, but stressed that they did not encourage the public to intervene.

The suspect was treated at the scene by paramedics but sustained no injuries.

A spokesperson for the department told a local news station the incident was the first of its kind that he had seen 13 years of police work.
The suspected shoplifter was caught after a bystander threw a trolley into him (Credit: Peachtree Police and Fire/ PA).

“If the decision is made to do so, please consider the safety of yourself and all those around you as a priority. “