Steam Labs’ Play Next will pick your next game from your library


The new Steam Labs experiment should help you get through your backlog.

Valve has gone live with the latest Steam Labs experimental feature: Play Next. Like Interactive Recommender, Play Next uses machine learning to analyse your gaming habits and help recommend other games it thinks you’d enjoy.

This time, however, Valve is turning its gaze to users’ own libraries of owned games. Play Next will show sets of three games, from your library, that you should play next. If you don’t like what it throws up, you can scroll and generate more.

Each of the three tiles will show the game’s most popular tags and run a microtrailer, which should help you get an idea of what they are. The tile will also list similar games you may have already played.

Although Play Next shares the underlying technology with other Labs experiments, Valve says the algorithm that decides which games to show is new. As a result, some of the suggestions being surfaced may look odd.

You can try it out yourself in this dedicated Play Next page, just make sure you’re logged in.

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