Compal Flex Book is a foldable tablet with a laptop dock


Dell unveiled a concept tablet with a foldable OLED display at CES in January, and Lenovo promised to actually bring one to market later this year.

Meanwhile Taiwanese manufacturer Compal has unveiled a Flex Book design that combines elements of a foldable tablet and a 2-in-1 laptop.

At first glance the Flex Book looks like a laptop with a 13 inch display, keyboard, and touchpad. But the keyboard is removable, which leaves you holding a fully functional standalone tablet with support for finger and pen input.

Unlike most 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrids the Flex Book also has another trick up its sleeve — you can fold it in half for easy portability.

The foldable design also lets you hold the tablet like a book with a bend in the center dividing the tablet into distinct left and right portions for viewing multiple pages of an eBook or document at once or for placing multiple apps in side-by-side windows.

Compal hasn’t committed to actually mass producing the Flex Book yet, so it’s unclear if it wold ship with Windows 10X or some other operating system if it ever sees the light of day.

But Compal did win an IF Deign Guide award for the concept recently. So that suggests the company is ready to begin manufacturing the Flex Book if a PC company were to hire the company to do so. It’d just probably be called something else if and when it hits the streets.