After: Gordon Davidson, healthy and happy after losing five stone

Man who struggled to walk has life back thanks to huge weight loss

Gordon Davidson had been miserable after piling on the pounds and reaching his heaviest weight of 18 stone.


A inspirational Carluke man has an important piece of advice for people struggling to lose weight: “Believe in yourself”.

Gordon Davidson had been miserable after piling on the pounds and reaching his heaviest weight of 18 stone.

The 62-year-old could no longer enjoy his summer holidays and was struggling to walk around without getting breathless.

“I never had the belief I could lose weight,” said Gordon.

“But Weight Watchers, attending workshops, walking and regular activity has now given me a belief in myself.

“If I can do it, then others can do it. Believe in yourself.”

It was after returning from a trip abroad that Gordon realised he needed to take some serious action to get back in shape.

While his holiday should have been a time to relax and enjoy himself, walking around sightseeing was difficult because he was so unfit and all the holiday food led to more weight gain.
Before: Wishaw man Gordon Davidson when he weighed 18 stone

Gordon said: “I didn’t enjoy my time abroad and when I came home and saw a picture of myself, I decided that it was finally time to do something about it.

“I had been eating all the wrong things like lots of puddings, biscuits and cakes, so it’s no wonder my weight had gone up to 18st.

“It was the heaviest I had ever been.

“I was eating too much and portions were big, too big!”

Gordon joined the Weight Watchers club that meets at Wishaw Volunteer Centre, and was warmly welcomed by slimming coach Barbara Graham.

“She made me feel instantly at ease,” said Gordon.

“I settled into the my Weight Watchers plan quickly and easily and loved the choice of zero smartpoint foods, which really helped to fill me up without using too many points. I learned that I could eat lots of foods if I
just changed what I was eating.

“I was always satisfied and never hungry.

“I was able to enjoy alcohol at the weekends and the occasional dessert, and I could mix and match different foods.

“My weekly workshop was really beneficial and we all helped to motivate each other.

“Now 70lbs lighter, I am fitter and healthier than ever before.”

Gordon now walks regularly throughout the week and loves to play badminton to stay fit.

His trouser size has dropped from a 38-inch to 32-inch waist, and he’s ditched XXL tops for a standard medium size.

Five stone lighter and in much-improved health, Gordon is looking forward to jetting off and enjoying his holidays again.