Upwards of 12,000 trucks have been affected by the mining ban, besides 150 barges and ancillary units Atish Pomburfekar

Mining ban has shaved ₹7,000 crore off Goa’s economy, says report

Ban has severely impacted jobs, says CMIE report


The mining ban in Goa for the last two years has caused a loss of ₹7,000 crore to the State’s economy, and led to large-scale unemployment and substantial deterioration in per capita income, according to a report published by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

A Supreme Court ruling on February 7, 2018, banned mining in the State, and mining activity came to standstill on March 16, 2018. This had hit the livelihood of over three lakh Goans, resulting in grave job losses and severe and critical unemployment in the State, said the report.

It added that Goa is witnessing its worst phase in terms of job creation, and the rate of unemployment of the State is at 34.5 per cent — the highest in the country.

Puti Gaonkar, President, Goa Mining People’s Front, observed that mining in the State has been closed for the second time; a ban had earlier been implemented in 2012, only to be lifted in 2014.

The economic condition of the people is in bad shape, and falling government revenue has been slowing down development, said Gaonkar.

The government has to ensure that mining activity restarts and employment levels are back to normal, he added. It is important to arrive at solutions for the unemployment problem, rather than debating on who gets the mining leases, said Gaonkar.