Medical workers in protective suits lead a passenger tested positive for a new coronavirus from the cruise ship Diamond Princess at Yokohama Port in Yokohama(Image: AP)

Nottinghamshire man on quarantined coronavirus cruise ship 'jogs around his bed to keep fit'

'True love is my wife washing my underpants in the sink,' quipped Alan.


A Nottinghamshire man stranded with his wife on a cruise ship due to the coronavirus outbreak has revealed how he is keeping fit by jogging around his bed.

Alan and Vanessa from Eastwood have been quarantined on the Diamond Princess off the coast of Japan for almost two weeks.

The couple told the BBC cabin fever has started to set in but they have not lost their humour.

"True love is my wife washing my underpants in the sink," quipped Alan.

The couple boarded the cruise liner in Singapore five weeks ago, but it was locked down when a passenger tested positive for the virus after disembarking.

Thousands of people have been quarantined in their cabins since February 5. Alan said they were enjoying the extra time on holiday at first, and he had enjoyed the view of Mount Fuji and jogged around his bed to keep fit.

"The captain has turned the ship round, so now I have been looking at the other side," he said.

"It's a rather grim side because this is where the ambulances come to take people off to hospital. It has changed the mood because people are a little bit more anxious".

There have now been more than 500 cases on the liner- but Alan said they have their "fingers crossed" they could be allowed home on 19 February.

Alan said they had been well looked after on the ship.

"They keep putting on extra films for us to watch. The internet is a little bit haphazard, as are the phone calls," he added.

"Vanessa has taken up Tai Chi from videos. Sadly I'm not quite so flexible. To show my love for her when we get home I might book us a cruise."