Want to take your partner on a romantic EV road trip? Head to Norway


Picture it now: It’s early in the evening, you’ve just picked up your sweetheart to surprise them with a romantic road trip in your brand new grass-friendly electric vehicle. But where should you go when you have to stop every 200-300 miles (483 km) to charge up?

According to British car marketplace Carwow, you should head to the romance capitals of Northern Europe, Norway and the Netherlands, obviously.

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In conducting its research, Carwow created (what sounds like the first) EV Holiday Index score to rank countries in Europe based on how well they support EV drivers and who has the best tourist hotspots.

Norway takes the cake

Here are the top countries, scored out of a maximum of 20 points:

According to Air Quality News, Norway has 655 fast EV charge points for every 100 km of motorway, meaning drivers get plenty of opportunity to stop, charge up, and take in the country at the same time.
Credit: Ferdinand Stohr
Norway’s density of UNESCO world heritage sites and nature reserves makes it a tourist hotspot. It’s also great for EV drivers with charge points all over the place.

It seems Norway is the perfect place to drive your Mustang Mach-E Ford to a Fjord, as the fires of your love rage like the stallion it was named after.

Dutch EV dash

The Netherlands is also a great place for road tripping EV drivers. According to Electric Vehicles Research, the low-lying country has the most number of charging points in total with over 50,000.

Given the compactness of the country, you’re never going to be far from an electricity source. It’s the land of never being out of charge!
Credit: Open Charge Map
The Netherlands has one of the densest distributions of EV charge points in Europe.

I don’t know what’s more romantic; the beautiful canal lined by picturesque old-houses on the Golden Bend of the Herengracht, or getting to talk to my significant other about how we’ll only have to stop for half an hour if we use our 50 kw Type 2 charge cable.
Credit: Wikipedia
The “Golden Bend” on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, Netherlands. One of the city’s most romantic spots according to this writer.

One thing’s for sure though, it’ll put a spark back into your relationship one way or another.

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In all seriousness, as we become more aware of just how bad flying is for the environment, more travelers are expected to ditch their wings for their wheels.

One of the better choices we can make when going on vacation is to take a road trip, and if you own an electric vehicle, even better. If you want to go the whole distance, convince some of your friends to join you and split the journey four ways!

Sure, that might change the dynamic of your romantic EV road trip, but if that’s what you’re into, it’s 2020 and I ain’t judging.