How To Stop Twitter Trolls And Clean Up Your Feed


Twitter can be a cesspool full of bots, trolls, and Reply Guys. Luckily, there are some built-in privacy and security tools you can use to minimise the amount of garbage in your feed. In the video above, I show you how.


The most obvious first step to cleaning up your Twitter feed is to Marie Kondo the accounts you follow. Don’t want to see your ex from college fall down the alt-right rabbit hole in real time? Unfollow. Sick of your former roommate posting constantly about how she just loves living alone with her cat? Unfollow. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t stop them from following you or messaging you if your DMs are open.


If you don’t want to completely unfollow someone, but just need a break from their posts, then mute them. Their posts will stop appearing in your feed, but you’re still able to manually visit their account and see their posts. If this person mentions you or DMs you, you’ll still get notifications.


This is your best tool against people you absolutely don’t want to interact with. Blocking someone will prevent them from following you, messaging you, or showing up in your feed. You won’t be able to see their account and they won’t be able to see yours. This is the ultimate way to completely cut off communication on Twitter, and you shouldn’t be afraid to wield this tool like a Jedi’s lightsaber.

Mute words and phrases

A certain topic or trend can often become all-consuming on Twitter, and that’s where this tool comes in. Are you some sort of heartless monsters who’s sick of seeing all of those Baby Yoda memes? Just block the words “Baby Yoda” and any tweets containing those words won’t show up in your feed or notifications.

Ignore Twitter

At the end of the day, how much you check Twitter is up to you. If it’s become a bad habit, there are some tools you can use on your phone to limit screen time or block apps during certain hours of the day. I made a video about that, too.

Delete Twitter

The nuclear solution, baby. Can’t get trolled online if you’re not online.,w_768,q_90/ygkbc1qcbtrqsimrobel.jpg