Carol Vorderman hints she is dating again after very honest interview about her sex life(Image: GETTY)

Carol Vorderman hints she's dating again with cryptic Valentine's Day tweets

Carol Vorderman hinted someone was bringing her "tea in bed" on Valentine's Day after she hinted she had a very active sex life


Carol Vorderman has set tongues wagging suggesting she might have found romance again.

The former Countdown star posted some cryptic tweets about Valentine's Day as she revealed someone in Wales 'knows who they are' and that she loves them.

The 58-year-old also joked about asking someone for a tea in bed as she commemorated the romantic day.

She posted a photo of a Welsh dragon on a love heart, as she hails from North Wales herself.

"This...... #HappyValentinesDay to all the people I love in know who you are," she hinted.
Carol Vorderman attends the Pride Of Britain Awards 2017(Image: Getty Images)

In a separate tweet, she added: "Happy Valentine's ... Mine's a tea in bed ....thanks".

Carol has not publicly dated since she split from her pilot toyboy boyfriend Graham Duff.

They split in 2016 after two years together, and she has since branded their 14 year age gap "a bit silly", and insisted she is happily single.
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The telly star also took to Twitter recently to share that's she's happier than ever, and could "burst".

Sharing the update with her 424k loyal followers, the former Countdown star asked: "Ever been so happy you could actually burst?"

Carol then went on to gush about the fact she's feeling over the moon all the time, and hasn't had a down day for as long as she can remember.
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She continued: "I'm feeling like that 7 days a week now....every little pleasure makes me grin... Always been a very happy soul, but it's like it's become ephemeral".

Fans speculated her message might have something to so with her love life, but Carol has since tweeted back to insist that's not true.

She wrote: "It was about being happy, and nothing to do with sex. Life's never dull eh?"
Carol wished her followers a happy Valentine's Day(Image: Twitter)

It comes after Carol, who is usually notoriously secret about her love life, dropped some huge hints in a newspaper interview last year.

Carol, who is believed to be single, admitted she enjoys a very active sex life in an interview with the Daily Mail.

She said: "I get up to a lot of mischief. I have a number of special friends - but I’m not doing anything wrong.

"Everyone’s single. And yes, apart from one, they’re all younger than me."

The mum to two grown children said that she will never reveal the names of who she is dating.