Baby Yoda is Now a Battlefront II Mod


We're in a weird point with The Mandalorian: its American audience has already watched it, and its British audience has either watched it via legally questionable means or are waiting for Disney+ to launch on this side of the pond. As a result, all the hype over Baby Yoda appears to have died down, but that hasn't stopped one modder from creating a unique take on The Child.

The Star Wars Battlefront II mod, uploaded to the game's subreddit by creator Nanobuds1220 yesterday, replaces the recently-arrived BB-8's model with that of Baby Yoda. It's a decent fit, as the lovable droid's spherical base seems to fit pretty nicely with The Child's weird pod-thing, although BB-8's variety of taser-based abilities do raise some questions about which side of the force Baby Yoda is more closely affiliated with.

If, like me, you plan to enjoy your Disney+ Originals™ as Walt himself intended, you've still got a few weeks before you can enjoy The Mandalorian, but you can enjoy Baby Yoda in Battlefront II right now.