When Push Comes to Shove, Palminteri Gets the Job Done


Scroll through the Palminteri shove in the above photos

By edhat staff

KEYT reporter John Palminteri has gone viral in local channels for pushing a photobombing selfie taker out of his live camera shot on Tuesday.

Palminteri was reporting live from the downtown area when KEYT news anchors C.J. Ward and Beth Farnsworth sent the camera to Palminteri's view. For a few seconds, you can see a teenager attempting to take a "selfie" with the veteran newsman before he quickly, and promptly, pushes him out of the live camera shot before reading the news. 

Live newscasters have to put up with a lot. The weather, finding people to interviews, asking tough questions, staying composed, looking great, photobombers, selfie-takers, the ever-annoying person who waves in the background. It's a tough job but John Palminteri has been Santa Barbara's man on the street for years sending news we can trust. His nickname is Primetime for a reason.

Now he has reached immortal fame in the GIF world. Enjoy the viral fame Primetime! Here's hoping the likes of Jimmy Kimmel increase your viral status.