Remedy is working on four games right now, Vanguard to be long-term service-based multiplayer game


Remedy has announced that it is currently working on four games/projects. The “first game project” is the single-player campaign of CrossfireX. The second project is also a game in the Crossfire universe, though we don’t have enough information about it yet.

Perhaps the most promising projects, however, are the next two games. The third game is an unannounced one that has a team of 20 people. According to Remedy, the project is proceeding well.

The fourth project is Vanguard which has reached its first internally playable development version. Vanguard will be long-term service-based multiplayer title. Moreover, it will come with some of Remedy’s unique game features.

Both of these games are currently in a pre-production stage, so don’t expect them anytime soon.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned for more!