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Hindu Group Goes on Couple Chasing Spree on Valentine’s Day in PM Modi’s Hometown – Video

New Delhi (Sputnik): A Hindu group in India, Barjrang Dal had issued an advisory warning couples against celebrating Valentine’s Day in public, citing it as “foreign culture" and a threat to the country's social value system.

While love-struck people across the world are celebrating Valentine's Day, in India a right-wing religious group has been on the look out, trying to catch couples in the act of dating western-style, which it regards as incompatible with Indian traditional values. 

In a video going viral on social media, saffron scarf-wearing men on motorbikes could be seen chasing couples who were found celebrating the day in public places in Ahmedabad, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home-state.

A similar group Hindu Sena also issued a warning to people indulging in public displays of affection while threatening them with police action for celebrating Valentine's Day in public places.

The trend of beating couples has triggered an influx of memes on twitter with people taking on the vigilantes.