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Driving instructor traded lessons for sex with underage student


Authorities arrested a driving instructor on Wednesday, accusing him of having sex with his 17-year-old student. Police said the 23-year-old gave the lessons in exchange for sexual acts with the girl.

He is suspected of placing advertisements on, a website claiming to be a “erotic marketplace.” Officers working with a specialized unit investigating the identities of undocumented migrants and human trafficking (AVIM) started researching the case after they saw the posting on the website.

“The suspect advertised driving lessons there which could be paid for by performing sexual acts,” police said in a statement. “During the investigation, the team discovered that the suspect had had sex with the girl.”

The suspect was arrested in his home in Capelle aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland. He is expected to appear before a magistrate on Saturday in an initial hearing.

Police did not say if cooperated in the investigation. The site’s code of conduct states that its managers will notify police whenever they think something is in violation of the law.