15-year-old Nigerian uses drip set, syringe and condemned lap battery to create an excavator


The world in its current standings embraces people with great innovative and intellectual abilities that will positively affect the world.

There has been a series of inventions almost all over the world which have made life easier. Indeed it’s evident in all genres of life.

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In this regard, young innovators seem to touch the soft spot of the populace reason being that these young ones want to positively affect the world.

BBC News Africa in a documentary has unveiled one young kid from his corner in Nigeria making mindblowing inventions from materials that seem unbelievable to use.

15-year-old Hope Emanuel Frank from Nigeria is the “man” of the moment as his new inventions/creations are fast going international as it has made the “Invention world” happy to see this kid with such brains.

Hope during an interview session in the documentary said he saw an excavator somewhere and then told himself ” OH LET ME JUST TRY” if he could possibly make something similar to what he saw on the streets.

In his quest to satisfy his curiosity he made a skeleton and the flex of what he saw (the Excavator) but to him, that was not enough, his challenge now was how to move it and make it seem real as the genuine.

Emmanuel said he came up with an idea of using a drip set to replace the hose in the real excavator and the syringe work as the booming. On he gave vivid accounts on how he invented the excavator and tripper.

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For the tripper remote, he used a change over switch for the forward and backward drive and with the source of power in the tripper he used condemned laptop batteries.

Watch the video:

Super Nigerian young engineer

Hope Emmanuel Frank in his subsequent inventions wants to invent/create a payloader that can work and a helicopter that can fly with a remote.

He aspires to become one of the world’s greatest inventors.