Final Fantasy VII Remake: Watch the iconic opening movie right here!


A planet slowly dying. Corporate greed literally murdering the world.  Green energy weakly flowing through the city streets as the last survivor of an ancient race picks a flower. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s a scene that you’ve seen and experienced so so many years ago in the original opening for Final Fantasy VII.

More than two decades later, and the rebirth of one of the most iconic games in history is almost upon us. How much has really changed between then and now? See for yourself, in this first look at the opening for Final Fantasy VII Remake:

And just for the sake of comparison, here’s the blocky original:

And the first remake which came about as a technical demo for the power of the PlayStation 3 back in the day!

Chills my dudes, absolute chills. Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on April 10.