Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening Movie Is a Five Minute Masterpiece

Thing of beauty

Game Profile
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Square Enix
Square Enix
Release Date:
10th Apr 2020 (USA)
10th Apr 2020 (UK/EU)
Final Fantasy
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Coupled with a new set of screenshots yesterday, the Final Fantasy VII Remake marketing machine really is kicking into gear. Next up we have the game's opening movie, which has to be said is five minutes of beauty and excellence. Check it out for yourself above and bask in its glory.

We initially catch some glimpses of updated shots from the title's original E3 2015 announcement trailer before transitioning into newer footage which includes Aerith, at which point it zooms out to provide a wide shot of Midgar itself. Then, it's time to cue the title card and the arrival of Cloud Strife upon the classic high-speed train. This all looks incredible, doesn't it? Don't forget that Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to PlayStation 4 on 10th April.