Body positive big men take the runaway to fight body shaming at New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK -- Women aren't the only ones who get caught up in body shaming. Big men are feeling the love this Valentine's Day.

On Thursday, 15 plus-size men took over the runway on the last night of New York Fashion Week, flaunting their body positivity.

The men walked down the runway in their underwear, stomachs exposed in many cases. The message? Men's curves matter, too. The 'Ryan's Secret' initiative sponsored the event, calling for an end to male body shaming.

Organizers want to bring awareness to boys and young men who experience depression from body shaming and bullying.

Joseph Diaz, one of the models, says he's been passed over for jobs due to his weight.

"Just like Barbie has the same issues, Ken has even more," Diaz said.

One model, Daniel Jean, walked in royal purple satin and wasn't afraid to show off.

"Yeah, I'm body positive," Jean said. "I think it's a good message to show people that you love your body, you love yourself."