Galaxy Home Mini free for Galaxy S20 pre-orders in Korea


When Samsung introduce new devices that are not smartphones alongside their new smartphones, the immediate assumption is that the former will be used as incentives to get people to pre-order the latter. Some markets are getting the new Galaxy Buds+ as their freebie when they pre-order the Galaxy S20 but in their native South Korea, that distinction belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini. The long-awaited but elusive smart speaker is the incentive being offered for pre-orders of the flagship smartphones.

We first got a look at the Galaxy Home Mini, Samsung’s first smart speaker, last year. But we still have to wait for its global release for some reason. If you’re eagerly awaiting their foray into the smart speaker market, the only way you can have it now is to go to South Korea. Samsung is offering it for free if you will order the Samsung Galaxy S20. To avail of this, you have to go to the nearest Samsung Digital Plaza or pre-order it on the official website. You’ll receive the speaker once the devices start shipping.

In case you already have a smart speaker and you’re happy with it and you’re still planning to pre-order a flagship device, you have another option. You can choose the Nemonic sticky note printed as your pre-order bonus. This device actually started as a C-Lab project some years ago and was launched at CES 2017. It was also offered as an incentive for the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea as well. You can also choose to get 4 months free YouTube Premium and 50% off on the cost of display damage repair insurance in a year, according to Tizen Help.

However, if you want to get the Galaxy Home Mini alone, it’s still not available for purchase. There was an “accidental” leak last week saying it will be available for sale by February 12 but that post was eventually deleted. There’s no official word from Samsung as to why it’s taking them this long to make it available in the market, but the long delay is not such a good sign.

The pre-sale for the Galaxy S20 with the free Galaxy Home Mini starts today until February 26 in South Korea. The Galaxy Buds+ incentive isn’t available in South Korea though but in other markets.