Emmerdale fans in shock as rapist Pierce Harris holds Vanessa hostage


EMMERDALE fans were shocked tonight when rapist Pierce Harris took Vanessa and her son Johnny hostage.

The convicted rapist vowed to put things right with his ex wife Rhona and has tied up her best mate to prevent her from wrecking his plans.,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20
Pierce came back to Emmerdale and took Vanessa hostageCredit: ITV

Vanessa stared in horror at Pierce, the man who wrecked Rhona's life during his first stint in the village.

With Johnny in hand, Pierce led Vanessa into Laurel's house, which is currently empty as the family have flown to Australia for Sandy's funeral.

Shocked he had bumped into a familiar face, Pierce hissed at Vanessa: "You have screwed things up again, what is it with you?"

Trying to make a quick escape, Pierce denied her and asked that she keep her voice down whilst he thought about his next move.,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20
Evil Pierce returned for revengeCredit: ITV

While tied to the stairs with duct tape, Vanessa told Pierce his ex wife hates him, to which he said he has not returned to punish Rhona, but to put things wright.

He once again blamed his hostage for ruining everything, saying Vanessa put a "spanner in the works."

The fake solicitor outlined his cunning plan to woo veterinary surgeon Rhona, saying he was going to "be patient, make a little money, start all over somewhere else with Rhona."

Aiming to strike fear into the resolute Vanessa, Pierce got in her face and claimed she only think she is Rhona's friend and only holds her back.,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20,%20
Vanessa and her son Johnny are both being held captive

Psycho Pierce took things a step further by revealing he killed Rhona's boyfriend Graham Foster.

He claimed she was "throwing her life away" with Graham and called him a "thug."

Pierce claimed he "wasn't right for her" and believes Rhona doesn't need to know exactly what happened to the former businessman.

With four-year-old Johnny upstairs, Pierce tied up Vanessa's mouth and left her weeping as he went outside.

Johnny can be heard shouting for his mum on the baby monitor, but Pierce soon calms him down.

The veterinary surgeon defiantly tells him that people begin to look for her and he won't get away with what he is doing.

The evil-eyed creep describes bumping into Vanessa as a setback, and plans to keep them captive longer than he intended.

How long will it be before Rhona finds out that her worst nightmare is back in town?