Israeli warplane shooting a rocketPhoto Credit: Israeli Military Industries Systems video screenshot

Syrian Observatory: Israeli Raid Targeted Iranian Cargo Plane Landing in Damascus International


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday reported the human losses due to the Israeli bombing that targeted the area of ​​Damascus International Airport before midnight Thursday reached at least 4 Iranian officers and 3 Assad army soldiers, including at least two officers.

Israeli missiles targeted the area near ​​the airport after an intelligence operation had detected the arrival of a cargo plane, either from Iran or from another region in Syria.

On February 6, the Syrian Observatory monitored Israeli shelling of sites belonging to the Syrian army and pro-Iranian militias of the 91st Division near Kiswa, and the 75th Brigade in the vicinity of al-Muqaylabiyah, west of Damascus, as well as the sites in the Jisr Baghdad area on the Damascus-Homs road, and the agricultural airport south of Izraa in Daraa Governorate.

23 people were killed in that operation: 15 belonging to the militias loyal to Iran, including 5 Syrians and the rest of foreign nationalities, with at least 3 Iranians, and 8 Assad regime soldiers, including one officer.

The official Syrian news agency SANA reported Thursday night, citing a military source, that at 11:45 PM, the Syrian army observed hostile missiles coming from the “occupied Syrian Golan,” and “immediately the army air defenses intercepted and downed a number of them before they reach their targets.”

A SANA reporter said that the army air defenses intercepted hostile targets in the airspace over Damascus. He affirmed that there were reports that the hostile missiles came from the “occupied Syrian Golan.”