“Hale’s vibrancy is being eroded by no joined-up thinking"
(Image: Hale Civic Society)

'Roadworks and a railway crossing closure has left our village like a ghost town'

People in Hale say they can't get in and out, and businesses are already losing takings


A village near Altrincham has become "like a ghost town" after roadworks and a railway crossing closure left people unable to get in or out.

As well as ongoing roadworks on Brown Street, drivers in Hale are dealing with the closure of its railway crossing, as work is carried out by Network Rail.

Closures are expected to be in place until at least next Monday.

People say they have been unable to get to the platforms at the railway station and claim to have seen emergency vehicles rerouted when responding to emergencies.

Articulated lorries have also been spotted turning around in the narrow Hale Village roads.

A spokesperson for Hale Civic Society said: “The Brown Street development has road closure signs which have been put at the top and bottom of Brown Street. These are left out and cause people not to come into the village.

“Vehicles connected to the building work behave in a cavalier way and show no respect to the footpaths and park up in dangerous places.”
The roadworks have been delayed by the recent poor weather
(Image: Hale Civic Society)

'The road closure signs are a joke'

Network Rail have had the crossings down for more than a week for necessary work.

But the Civic Society isn't happy with how this has been handled by Trafford Council.

The spokesperson added: “The road closure signs are a joke as they are not sensibly placed. The signs should be by the traffic lights with an explanation.

“Some unbelievable sights have been seen – delivery vans, lorries… a lorry arrived last Wednesday and try to imagine that trying to turn in the road. It was quite something.

“Four emergency vehicles on blue lights tried to come through last week and had to turn round.”

The civic society added one lady, frustrated about the railway crossings being closed, called into a nearby shop to ask for advice as she wanted to catch a train. She had luggage and a pram but could find no way of getting to the platform.

Local businesses received letters dated January 26 and delivered on January 27 – four days before the road closures came into play.

Roadworks are also underway further along Ashley Road at the junction with Cambridge Road and Crescent Road.

Residents said traffic lights operating there were adding to the severe congestion through the village, particularly when school buses come through.

'The village is like a ghost town'

A number of businesses have claimed the traffic is affecting their takings and both shoppers and visitors are getting more and more frustrated by the situation.

The civic society spokesperson said: “This is a most serious situation and needs urgent attention.

“Hale’s vibrancy is being eroded by no joined-up thinking and a seeming lack of responsibility.

“I’m so angry about the whole situation. The village is like a ghost town at the moment. The council should act and act fast. We are being treated unfairly.”
Congestion has been building up throughout the village
(Image: Hale Civic Society)

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said: “The work being undertaken by Network Rail is essential maintenance work to replace the highway surfacing across the crossing and for Health and Safety reasons the majority of the work has to be undertaken whilst the rail line is closed.

“Trafford Council has asked for the advance notification road closed signs to be improved by the contractor as soon as possible, particularly at the traffic signal junction of Ashley Road with Stamford Road and Langham Road.”

The authority explained that poor weather last week led to delays in the work starting, meaning it has been rescheduled for the coming weeked (Friday February 14 onwards).

The work will include road resurfacing, which will require the railway and nearby roads being closed.

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There are also footpath repairs to be completed by the council in the next day or so on the Victoria Road side of the railway crossing.

The council spokesperson added: “We have spoken with the contractor on the Brown Street site and explained that the road cannot be closed until the level crossings work has been completed.

“The works referred to at the junction of Ashley Road with Crescent Road are related to emergency work being carried out on the cast iron gas main that will be completed by Friday February 14.”