Watch | Eat Raja, a zero-waste juice shop in Bengaluru

A video on India's first zero-waste juice shop, Eat Raja


Situated in Bengaluru's Malleshwaram, Eat Raja is a zero-waste juice shop.

It has undertaken several initiatives to be eco-friendly. Eat Raja does not use cups, straws or any kind of paper or plastic. The shop offers fruit juice in that particular fruit's shell to avoid any wastage. This not only eliminates the need for water to clean the glasses, but also helpd recycle the solid waste generated.

People who bring their own steel cups can get their drinks for a discount In case a customer asks for a straw, they are provided with a steel straw or one made out of bamboo or leaves The wet-waste generated in the store is also put to use - to make bio-enzymes Bio-enzyme is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner that can be used to wash bathrooms, toilets, floors, and other surfaces.

Eat Raja is run by Anand Raj, a Radio Jockey-turned-businessman.