The sublime-looking Paper Beast reveals creative sandbox mode

Unfold the mysteries in PSVR


During last December's stacked State of Play presentation, Sony dropped a trailer for a strange and esoteric-looking VR title, Paper Beast. Now developer Pixel Reef is peeling back the layers on this stylistic release, with a new trailer showcasing a sandbox mode.

Paper Beast's sandbox mode is essentially a world-builder, and will give players the chance to create and cultivate their own environments. Design the landscape and terrain layout, then populate it with Paper Beast's weird, origami-style creatures. Other factors can be manipulated - such as weather, light, and plant life - and all within an immersive VR environment.

Created by Eric Chahi of Another World fame, Paper Beast takes place in a completely fantastical universe, where the refuse of big data, forgotten code and wasted algorithms are taking form as an entirely new eco-system. It certainly looks like an odd place to visit, but given the possible tranquility of its strange-but-quiet plains, it could turn out to be a trip worth taking.

Paper Beast launches on PSVR in the first quarter of 2020.