The latest Borderlands 3 patch adds a ton of bug fixes, finally catches Stadia version up with the rest

In fact, nearly all of the patch notes are fixes


There's two sets of big Borderlands 3 changes going on this week.

One side has to deal with the Broken Hearts event, which runs through February 20 at 8:59AM PT. A different flavor of the Halloween event, you'll be gathering hearts instead of skulls for rewards, which range from ECHO Skins to a legendary sniper rifle. The other side is a raw patch, which includes upgrades for everything from the Stadia edition of the game to good old stability issues.

First up, the Stadia version is now current. It took the powers that be (Stadia and/or Gearbox) months to do it, but the Stadia port is now "caught up to other platforms," which includes the Handsome Jackpot DLC and Maliwan Blacksite updates. Across all platforms "multiple reported crashes" have been fixed, which includes 18 different iterations of crashing and freezing. The game is also allegedly more optimized (a common early problem), and some broken missions and rewards should be golden.

As a reminder, you can now toggle events (in case you don't dig Broken Heart's Day), skip cutscenes (solo and multiplayer), the level cap is now 53 (which is inspired all sorts of community division, with the discussion centered around farming concerns), there's confirmation that all future Takedowns (mini dungeons) will allow both scaling and non-scaling options, and Guardian Ranks can be turned off if you wish.

It's one of the biggest updates yet for the game, so if you're a lapsed player (possibly due to one of the below bugs), now is a great time to come back.

Patch and Hotfixes: February 13, 2020 [Gearbox]


With this patch, Stadia is now caught up to the other platforms! Stadia players can now access Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot, fight through Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, and take advantage of the QOL improvements that were included in previous patches.



We are continuing to work on additional stability and performance updates for future patches.