Remedy tease new project and hint at possible Xbox Series X version of Control

Remedy tease new project and hint at possible Xbox Series X version of Control

By Sean Carey, 14 Feb 2020
Remedy Entertainment has published its financial report for last year, ending December 31. The report reveals that Remedy is working on an unannounced project, development is still ongoing for its live service/multiplayer game, Vanguard and that Control could be getting a next-gen release.

The statement reads, "Our third, as yet unannounced game project is proceeding well," and that it along with Vanguard are both preparing for pre-production. Not much else has been said about the mysterious new game that Remedy is working on other than it's built on Remedy's Northlight game engine. Vanguard on the other hand we know is going to be a live service multiplayer title, "The goal of Vanguard is to create a game that combines long-term service-based multiplayer experiences with some of Remedy's unique game features." According to the report, a playable development version of Vanguard has been produced, and its team of twenty is "preparing for pre-production."

Sales of Control were mainly responsible for Remedy's full-year revenue rise of 57%. Remedy's CEO Tero Virtala notes the 60 awards the game has received and that its two paid expansions will be coming later this year. Virtala also says, "Control's high quality, uniqueness and technical innovation provide opportunities to bring the game to new platforms." This could be hinting at a possible next-gen release on the Xbox Series X. On PC, Control makes fantastic use of ray tracing technology — and with it enabled — totally changes the atmosphere of the game. The Xbox Series X is confirmed to have hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Another team is working on a second Crossfire project which is separate from the CrossfireX campaign. No set date of release for CrossfireX has been given, all we know is that it's coming in 2020.

Control's two DLC's are due out later this year. According to the game's roadmap, The Foundation DLC is launching "Early 2020" while a second expansion relating to Alan Wake is set to come halfway through the year.

Source: Remedy via Daniel Ahmad.
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