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Woman saved by hero bus driver after seizure describes him as her 'guardian angel'

'It’s time to acknowledge and appreciate the great ones'


A woman who suffered a terrifying seizure moments after boarding a bus has thanked the driver who saved her life.

Jessica Jones has described the metroBus driver, named only as Mark, as her 'guardian angel'.

Ms Jones has told Bristol Live how when she suffered the seizure on the M1 bus, the driver called for an ambulance and remained with her till paramedics arrived.

The 22-year-old, who recovered in hospital, said: "I want to tell Mark how grateful I am for him being my hero. If he hadn’t noticed, I'm sure I would not have been so lucky- he saved my life.

“I must have had a guardian angel watching me that day."

The incident took place last month when Ms Jones took her seat on the bus at 10.15am and remembers being greeted a “very happy and talkative driver”.
"If he hadn’t noticed, I'm sure I would not have been so lucky- he saved my life"(Image: Michael Lloyd Photography)

Moments into the journey she suddenly lost control of her body before falling in and out of consciousness.

She said: “The last thing I remember is my body involuntarily falling to one side and the next thing I remember is coming around to Mark supporting and reassuring me that everything is ok.

"I asked him what had happened and he said that when he was driving he noticed in the mirror that I was unresponsive and twitching, so he had pulled over to the side of the road."

Miss Jones says the seizure lasted around five minutes but the driver never left her side.

“Once I had stopped convulsing and was able to support myself, Mark called an ambulance and spoke on my behalf as I was very confused.

“After this, Mark sat with me for a while until the paramedics arrived and he explained everything that happened and helped me into the ambulance as I was struggling to walk,” she said.

Miss Jones, who lives in Shirehampton, says after being taken to the hospital she later suffered two more seizures before being kept overnight for further observations.

“I think it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate the great ones”

Miss Jones says she reached out to metroBus bus to thank the driver but only recently learnt the message was never passed on.

She said: “I saw the driver a couple weeks ago but he said he never received the feedback - it seems the only time they receive feedback is if it’s negative.

She says drivers often have a bad reputation but she believes " it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate the great ones.”