Hit-Boy Details Producing Nipsey Hussle's Last-Ever Single

Hit-Boy speaks about producing the intro to "SICKO MODE," his work on "Racks In The Middle," "N***as In Paris" and more.


Hit-Boy is one of the most accomplished producers in the game, constantly working on all of the hottest records out on the market. For years, people have been turning to him for their sharpest hits, allowing him to lay out the groundwork on their future platinum records. Having produced songs for Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, and many more, Hit-Boy's brand is pretty much insurmountable. We recently invited him to our headquarters to detail some of the most iconic moments in his career, including the behind-the-scenes process to songs like "N***as In Paris," his friendship with Travis Scott, and being part of Nipsey Hussle's last-ever single during his lifetime.


Over the years, Hit-Boy built a solid foundation with Nipsey Hussle, working with him on the second volume of Bullets Ain't Got No Name. Their most recent collaboration ended up being their last, with Hit-Boy producing "Racks In The Middle" featuring Roddy Ricch.

"Just us kind of getting back into the groove of things, we didn't work for a couple of years. We didn't even have no real contact. The day we linked up, I played him the reference for 'Racks In The Middle' and, just the way he responded to it, it played out like a movie in my head," said Hit-Boy about meeting up with Nipsey Hussle in the latest episode of Trust The Process. "I played him the song because I wanted him to hop on it for my album and when he heard it, he told me to run it back and the second time he heard it, he was like, 'I need this for my album.' Nip was more like a thought-out person. He would take time, work on a body of work, then figure out the plays but as soon as he did 'Racks In The Middle,' the next day he was like, 'This shit coming out.'"

Elsewhere in the interview, Hit-Boy tells us about how he built a real friendship with Travis Scott before crafting the intro to "SICKO MODE," recalling one moment when Trav sat in on one of his mixing sessions before anybody knew who he was. He also details his work with Beyoncé, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Watch above.